The Mighty Quinn


The Mighty Quinn, HMS Eskimo 1963 – 1980 is a biography of a ship & the men that served on her. Our story starts in the late 1950’s when the (MOD) Ministry of Defence decided they needed a general purpose, go anywhere, Gunboat type
Frigate that could operate in all kinds of conditions. Seven, Type 81, general purpose, Tribal Class Frigates were to be built.

Built on the Isle of Wight by J S White at Cowes, HMS Eskimo was launched in March, 1961. It would 2 more years before she was commissioned & put into active service in 1963. The Eskimo would remain in active service for 17 years,
during which time she was deployed all over the world.

This fully illustrated book takes the reader through the life & times of Royal Navy Frigate & her ship’s Company. It contains a fully factual account of the Eskimo’s deployments, intermixed with ‘Dits’ (real life stories) recounted by former

Robert M Saunders – Author
HMS Eskimo 1969 – 1970 & 1973 – 1975
Robert Saunders the author served with CPO Steve Williams on the Eskimo.

All proceeds from the sale of this book will go to The Veterans Hub Weymouth & Portland CIC
Book cost is £31 including P+P if on the UK.